The Basics: Running safely in the dark

As the days begin to get shorter in the north and the school year wreaks havoc on running schedules, more and more runners are taking to the streets in the dark. I was surprised to realize last week that as the summer wanes, I once again need a headlamp for my regular 6 a.m. run […]

Noakes on starting out in running

This summer I’m reading Tim Noakes’ massive volume Lore of Running, bit by bit, then reporting the critical bits back to you. Last week I covered the ideal running drink: What Noakes believes is the best way to hydrate and fuel up during runs. Leave it to Tim Noakes to save information for beginning runners […]

Mammals with bigger brains are better “athletes”

How do you measure a non-human animal’s VO2 max? Put it on a treadmill, just like you would with a human. What do you do with that information? If you’re David Raichlen and Adam Gordon, you use it to figure out if there’s any relationship between an animal’s ability as an “endurance athlete” and its […]

What’s the minimum (and maximum) exercise to improve health?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services currently recommends that adults engage in exercise at least 150 minutes per week. They also say that more exercise is even better, but that also suggests that doing somewhat less than 150 minutes per week might be better than nothing. If you’re an active runner, you might […]

What’s the ideal running drink? Noakes weighs in

There’s been a fair amount of discussion of hydration and dehydration on Science-Based Running, but it’s been focused on what to do to prevent serious problems, rather than how to optimize running performance. Let’s assume you’re not going to keel over from heat exhaustion or overhydration in a race. What should you consume before and […]

A quick running puzzler: Calories burned

I’m still on vacation, but I thought I’d throw out a quick puzzler for you. For the past two days on my run I’ve completed one of the most grueling miles I’ve ever faced; it includes a 25 percent grade for over 2/3 of a mile, for an 870-foot elevation gain. Here’s the elevation profile […]

The Basics: Running during your vacation

I apologize for the lack of posting this past week, but I have an excuse: I’ve been doing the “research” for this post! I’m in the middle of a two-week vacation in Hawaii, but I’ve also been trying to keep up with my marathon training schedule, which had me slated to do 49 miles last […]