Is stigma stopping exercise in obese people?

I’ve struggled to maintain a healthy weight my entire adult life. For me the most humiliating moment came about 13 years ago when I was visiting an allergist about a skin condition and noticed that he had written “moderately obese” on my chart. At that point, I weighed 245 pounds with a BMI 32.3, well […]

Nutrition during a run: Yep, consuming carbs improves performance

This summer I’m reading Tim Noakes’ massive volume Lore of Running, bit by bit, then reporting the critical bits back to you. Last week I covered fatigue and exhaustion, discussing why we get tired when we do. This week I’m finishing up Noakes’ chapter on energy systems and running performance. I started running in the […]

The Basics: Running, sweating, and drinking in warm weather

Few topics fill runners with more dread than trying to figure out what and how much to drink for a workout. Should you consume an energy drink? If so, what kind? Or is plain water fine? Should you drink beforehand? Can you drink too much? When the weather warms up in the summer, the questions […]

Quick Hits: Consuming carbs won’t cause you to bonk

Two separate individuals have pointed me to a new site, The Natural Running Center, which claims to be “a comprehensive web resource of information and education for all runners.” The site was founded by minimalist running gurus (advocates of running barefoot or with very reduced footwear), some of whom also happen to operate stores where […]

Carbo-loading: An idea whose time has passed?

In 1967, a landmark study led by Bjorn Ahlborg found that military recruits could improve their ability to perform endurance tasks after a carbohydrate depletion and loading regimen over the preceding week. The dietary restrictions were quite extreme, and were coupled with exhausting exercise: A hard workout followed by three days of a low-carb diet, […]

Sorry, Norm, beer is not better than water for rehydration

The other day on Facebook someone put up a link to this article on something called either abcactionnews or nbcactionnews, depending on where you look on the page. The proposition: Beer is better than water for rehydrating after a hard workout. The article cites study results “published in the British newspaper The Telegraph.” This “news” […]