A quick running puzzler: Calories burned

I’m still on vacation, but I thought I’d throw out a quick puzzler for you. For the past two days on my run I’ve completed one of the most grueling miles I’ve ever faced; it includes a 25 percent grade for over 2/3 of a mile, for an 870-foot elevation gain. Here’s the elevation profile […]

Quick Hits: Consuming carbs won’t cause you to bonk

Two separate individuals have pointed me to a new site, The Natural Running Center, which claims to be “a comprehensive web resource of information and education for all runners.” The site was founded by minimalist running gurus (advocates of running barefoot or with very reduced footwear), some of whom also happen to operate stores where […]

Women are unlikely to catch men in the marathon

Someone recently pointed to me to this misleadingly-headlined article which revisited the 1980s speculation that women might eventually prove to be faster than men at marathons. The headline (“Catch her if you can”) and photo caption (“Do women have a secret weapon when it comes to jogging speed?”) seem to suggest that the premise has […]

Sorry, Norm, beer is not better than water for rehydration

The other day on Facebook someone put up a link to this article on something called either abcactionnews or nbcactionnews, depending on where you look on the page. The proposition: Beer is better than water for rehydrating after a hard workout. The article cites study results “published in the British newspaper The Telegraph.” This “news” […]