Getting tested for VO2 max

VO2 max, as we have discussed before, is a key measurement of endurance running ability. There are several different procedures for measuring it, and yesterday I got to experience one of the most common methods first hand. As I mentioned last year, VO2 max is simply the maximum volume of oxygen your body can take […]

Don’t believe every table you see: Noakes on running potential

This summer I’m reading Tim Noakes’ massive volume Lore of Running, bit by bit, then reporting the critical bits back to you. Last week I covered VO2 max, the idea that every runner can consume a relatively-fixed maximum amount of oxygen. But while VO2 max can’t be improved much with training, I held out hope […]

Noakes on VO2 max: Its uses and abuses

One of the first books site consulting expert Travis Saunders suggested I read while preparing for this site was Tim Noakes’ legendary tome, Lore of Running. It’s a massive, almost encyclopedic volume, filled with Noakes’ incisive analysis of scientific research into running performance. Many academics value it for its references alone, which are available for […]